Oshun Diamond Creek is the brainchild of Antonella Alfonso, a successful businesswoman, mum-of-three and true fashion lover.

Antonella always believed in the restorative power of a positive experience, Antonella has created a shop that is not only a Melbourne fashion destination but also a space for women to experience and get lost in. 

From every touch point (the welcome scent at the door to the carefully packaged purchase at the checkout), the Oshun customers feel value, care and quality.  It is the Oshun way to ensure each customer leaves the store feeling inspired and confident.

The Oshun team are strong advocates of comfort and style, and know just how much a good outfit can transform the mood and confidence in any woman. At Oshun, women are inspired and encouraged to dress for their bodies and for how they feel, not for their age and how they are expected to look.

Antonella hopes Oshun imparts a message to prioritise self care, self love and self-expression. Because, at Oshun, fashion is for every woman, the home of style in Diamond Creek and a destination store for woman to experience and experiment with personal styling with care.